Active Closed Loop Solar Water Heating System(double coil)


Active Closed Loop Solar Water Heating System (double coil)

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1) Pipeline is made of all red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid
2) Water isn't flow in the vacuum tubes and is operated when confined
3) Aluminium alloy mould material of high strength with airflow design
4) It is furnished in good style; It is furnished in good style
5) Tank is equipped with electric water heater setting, automatic temperature controller
6) With increased anode magnesium bar stick to prevent furring.
7) The insulating layer uses polyurethane bulk bubble
8) It successfully carries out installation of separation according to fabricating yard

Detailed Specification:

Solar tank
1. Inner tank: Stainless steel SUS304 with 2.0mm
2. Outer tank: Colored Steel Sheet with 0.5mm
3. Heat Preservation Layer: polyurethane integral foaming with 55mm
4. Copper coil: material: TP2; diameter: 16mm; thickness: 0.8mm
5. Length of coil: one is 20 meter and two is 38 meter( up:14m; down:24m)

Solar collector
1.Manifold: Aluminium Alloy with plastic coated with 1.5mm.
2.Pipeline:1 material: Red copper; 2Diameter:35mm; 3Thickness:1.0mm
3.Copper pipe: TP2 copper; diameter: 8mm; Thickness: 0.6mm
4.Heat preservation Layer: Polyurethane integral foaming with 55mm
5.Vacuum tube: thickness:1.6mm,vacuum:P3.010-3Pa

Work station
1. Intelligent Controller: SR868C8(have three temperature sensors) which specialize in split pressurized solar water heater
2. Circulating pump: SR15/6 form WILO Germany. It have three speeds, which powder output is 16w,22w,and 27w, and total head is 3m,5m and 6m for each speed
3. Expansion tank: from Italy
4. Other accessories: T/P valve, copper connector

  • Brand:
    Longquan Solar & OEM
  • Color:
    Produced according to customer requirements
  • Place of Origin:
  • Price Terms:
    FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms:
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability:
    500 sets/day
  • Delivery Time:
    7 days/according to the order
  • Minimum Order:
    5 sets
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Active Closed Loop Solar Water Heating System (double coil)

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