2014 hot sell solar enamel Tank with procelain enamel inner tank

FOB Price: US $399 - $999  Sets


Solar enamel water tank
.Competitive price and good quality
.5-15 years warranty
.24hours service 

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Solar  water heater tank

Model: LQ-100-500l

Solar enamel  tank features:
1. The upright tank can make the water temperature to a high level. It can hot the water instantly.

2. The tank inside the building, the hot water loses less energy than the normal one
3. The pressurized solar water heater collector and the water tank is separated, that makes the system combine with the building perfectly, which will reduce the sightseeing for the building and environment around
4. Back up with electric heater so that in the day without sunshine hot water can also be used
5. Can be combined with gas or electric heater
6. Max. Pressure: 12bar; Operating Pressure: 6 bar
7. It can be used for other function, such as warming

Solar enamel tank working principle:
1. The collector absorbs solar energy and transmits it to the water tank through circulation

2. When the temperature of the collector reaches the set value, the controller starts the circulation pump automatically
3. The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically
4. The heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to water by lower heat exchanger in the water tank.
5. When the temperature difference between solar collector and tank doesn't reach the set value, the circulation pump will be shut automatically
6. In case the temperature of the water tank does not reach Tmax, Electric Heating Element will start to work automatically

Solar enamle tank working station component
1. Operating screen
2. Manometer
3. Pump speed adjust switches
4. Temperature difference circulation pump
5. Flow rate indicator
6. Return circuit connector
7. Safety valve
8. Expansion tank connector

9. Return circuit connector
10. Wall mounting
11. Expansion tank: 5L, 8L, 12L, 19L, 20L, 24L
12. Pressure resistance: 10 bar pressure for expansion vessel

solar enamel tank specification


200L Pressurized water heater tank

Inner vessel diameter(mm)


Water tank dimension(mm)


Material and thickness of the inner vessel

1.2mm thickness SUS304-2B stainless  steel

Mterial snd thickness of the shell

0.4-0.5mm thickness Galvanized sheet

Insulation thickness(mm)

50mm thickness

Bottom heat exchanger length (m)


Installation size of water pipe


Rated heating power


Over all dimension (references)(mm)


Packing case size(mm)




  • Brand:
    Longquan Solar & OEM
  • Color:
    Produced according to customer requirements
  • Place of Origin:
  • Price Terms:
    FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms:
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability:
    500 sets/day
  • Delivery Time:
    7 days/according to the order
  • Minimum Order:
    1 set
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Solar enamel water tank
.Competitive price and good quality
.5-15 years warranty
.24hours service 

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