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Solar Water Heater Installation Tips

Solar water heater has won the majority of consumers for its safety, environmental protection, energy saving, large capacity of water and off the advantages of interior space.
The solar-powered water heater is  usually composed of the collector, the heat insulation storage tank (heat preservation water tank),  the connectting pipeline, the support and the control system . According to its structure and the use principle, install and use reasonably is to manifest  fully solar energy security, environmental protection, energy conservation and other merits . The main installation steps of the solar-powered water heater :
1. fix the first solar-powered water heater in the roof, face the south, deliver
in person 45 degree angle.
2. direct the cooling water pipe to come up and the hot water pipe gets down. (if the charged auxiliary water heater needs independent to direct electric wire to come up)
3. finally keep warm, use the thermal insulation material roof in the outside water pipe to wrap, prevent the water pipe to crack as a result of freezing in the winter.
In addition, the installment should consider fixed reliable and the structure safe, windproof, anti-radar and factors and so on roofing draining water.
Fixes in roofing waterproof layer above, prevents the destruction waterproof layer to cause the roofing leakage.
Concrete procedure: On roofing direct placing concrete platform, buries the plug bolt in advance on the platform. Platform position: The platform should do in structure wall above. Refuses on the floor the direct casting (easy overload, causes floor to distort, leakage). The platform size the size which carries based on the local wind-load after the wind resistant checking calculation determined. In order to increase the stability, suitable many household union casting for union body type platform. Reserves the bleeder hole on the platform, guarantee roofing draining water is unimpeded.
Solar-powered water heater which is installed in the roof , generally has surpassed the roof parapet wall altitude, therefore designs originally the roof anti-radar system is invalid to the solar-powered water heater.The construction which  installs  solar-powered water heater's construction, should consider the anti-radar measure.